Bio of that certain College Girl with a Mellow Yellow life(choss)

Life is indeed not to be feared but to be understood…” that’s what the college girl with a mellow yellow life believes. She’s turning eighteen this 11th of December.  ( age !)

She’s four feet and eleven inches tall,(quiet short for her age ba?)thirty-five kilogram ,fair skin with a black,layered-cut shoulder-past length ,straighthair. They would say that I look like Chinese just because of my eyes, (oh really?)

but i beg to disagree because everytime i look myself at the mirror, my eyes specially,  I think they’re both round and big (hayyyy,new friends /acquaintances sometimes would ask me if have a chinese gene, gosshhh, of all race?)

(just kidding.)

She’s not pretty but definitely she’s not ugly. She’s a typical teen with an average IQ and has a habit of forgetting. Dork in her own little world since she doesn’t want to be the center of attention but She has a thing for fashion secretly. She’s left-handed(im thankful for that),a retro fan (a bit sentimental),selfie addict–(just like any typical teen of this generation, my phone is loaded with tons of selfies),yellow-holic (imbentong word-since i can’t explain my obsession with the color),shy type or should i say Socially awkward(medyo,NO!sobraaaaa kayaa, I want others to talk to me first, yeah, paimportante noh,haha,di po ako mayabang mahiyain lang tlga,*cross my heart), a worry wart(sobraaaaa kahit maliliit na bagay), bully(pero hanggang sa isip lang .,haha,lahat napapansin ko naman di lang talaga ako nagsasalita), a lazyass (haha,slight). 

I can be the sweetest of the sweetest and the coldest of the coldest(pag tinupak at may sumpong and iif you want me to) If i have the guts to hug you that means i consider you as a close friend. (soooooooooo  *virtual hugs* for yah)  😀

11 will always be my favorite number and don’t ask me why.AAAWhen she’s depressed she’d rather write her heart out with tears streaming down her face,eat a lot, pray a lot, then sleep. I’m not violent (haha,but don’t try me, you wouldn’t want it).

I hate confrontations, i hate rejections. If you like me, then i like you too, the feeling is  mutual.

I do enjoy watching volleyball & basketball (manood lang-since i’m not into sport, weakling! tsss).I keep journal( before i sleep,since it’s my habit of recalling the events of my day before i go to bed.)I prefer spending my spare time watching movies with foodtrips sometimes reading (i’m not really into gala or lakwatsa -i rather stay home pero whenever foodtrips involved always count me in) , or pouring myself into writing.

I’m not really a fan of classic novels, i don’t know, i prefer fictions, sci-fi mostly and also crime fic and ESP related and dystopians. I was once an avid reader of wattpad, (hmmm,til now kaya-*inside battle* lessen!). 

I prefer chirchirya over chocolates (ohh but can i have both?). She also have this usual cravings for super duper cheesy popcorn, and pizza and pasta and smoothies/frappe and coffe and milk and adobong pusit, and curry and pakbet and adobos and chopsuey and of course chitchiryassssssss, lots and lots of them is my daily survival! :P.

I do enjoy and i would love chopping veggies. I just started learning how to cook and to doodle. I love taking photos, candid mostly but im not really into photography. (echos lang) .

P1200905Did you know that I undergo operation when i was 8(I almost die .really. my first ever encounter with dextrose—for acute appendicitis).

 I have also this weird transition of medical admission, (you wouldn’t believe me!)(but maybe you would say they’re just concidence)

It’s every three years, first off, when i was in the third grade for acute appendicitis and UTI, then 6th grade for Typhoid fever and UTI,  then the last time, Third year High School for dengue fever and UTI. Now, I’m on my second year in college, if this curse would continue, anytime soon,this year, another admission would really happen, but I really hope not, or maybe, it would be my death, next. (haha,just kidding).  But seriously, i need to look out for myself.

I also hate drinking medicines, syrup is okay, but not tablets and capsules. (curse them!) Im super duper  maarte. I do have a lot of girl crushes (bi na yata ako, pero srsly).

I also tend to forget the names of new acquaintances. But I do easily remembered their faces.

 Music will always be a part of me,haha, I sing (believe me) but i’m not really good on memorizing lyrics,just chorus or just  a part of the song(my weakness but I’m trying to work it out). I’ve benn wanting to learn to play instrument specially guitar and piano.

I’m not good at dancing, as a matter of fact,  I dance like a complete stick or a bamboo grass(two left foot sucks!) 

I’m stupid.

I would always love Spongebob and Doraemon. And guess what? I was once a barbie girl! Actually i have 7 barbie dolls and  a lot of paper dolls, and when i say a lot,it’s really a LOT, i tell you.

And believe it or not, laugh it out if you like, I won’t mind, my first year in high school is not  about boys, crushes,fashion statements, STUDYING (just like what you thought about me). 

If you only knew!!!!!

And truth to be told! I still have them all as collection and as memories of my childhood.

I also had a huge obsession of collecting rubberbands and teks, and they are still  in my room in a cardboard box ,

Sometimes, I also experience excessive sweating and i hated it.

I would always love to start my day with a coffe/milk, rice, -HEAVY BREAKFAAST and end it with another LIGHT YET FULL DINNER (WHUTT???haha). I have this irritating allergy with earrings, that’s the reason i don’t wear one and i don’t have atleast one. I hated wearing something with glitters and PINK.

FOODS  really makes me happy and hyper. I also hated cockroaches and drunkard. I have this perverted mind sometimes, and quite judgmental at the same time. I did try to be honest all the time but i just can’t. Im not a talkative type so I rather listen then sleep.

My favorite subject is potion with Prof. Snape.! 😛 (it’s HISTORY actually) 😀

As for my view about love? Love is everywhere, you don’t have to look for it. Wait and it will be given unto you.

God is love. 🙂

And to make a woman happy, you just have to make her feel special. I’m a shallow person, so pretty small things would be enough and pretty bad things annoy me.

I have this huge crush on Ian harding, Patrick Adams, Chris Evans and of course

THEO JAMES, (he’s just so damn freakin’ HOT and SEXY, he doesn’t have to remove his shirt for me to say that. Actually, this was the very first time,I’m into this kind of, because I never fangirl like this before and I think it’s really crazy watching my friends head over heels and so into their idols with total obssession, and before I’m just shaking my head to them and smiling like an idiot but look at me now. I can’t get him off my mind.I think i understand what they feel now, I’m being selfish and I don’t want to hear, in front of me, that someone from my friends also wants him. This is very different and very unusual for me. Usually I’m not up for six pack abs, or any abs, or toned muscles at all, to be honest and no offense i think it’s gross!ehhww. But in him, it feels so natural, and effortless, he’s the only male actor that really has a certain effect on me just by watching him,I think I will really never get used of watching him and just looking at his picture for the entire day.And I’m so jealous of Shailene, oMG, I think he is for keeps.)

I want to have a degree, a high-payed job, return the favor of helping my family, starting a family of my own. I also want to do a volunteer work. I want to be a lawyer,psychologist,linguist,writer(as if)(hmmm)(dream without limitations!) 

hell yeah, I’m very ambitious as much as you.! (wink)

And my greatest wish of all, hahaha, i wish to have ESP. (evil laugh with wink)(dancing with matching headbang)

I do believe in destiny and forever and witches and wizards and karma.and I don’t believe that humans evolved form apes. No-no. Im a proud follower of Jesus.

I love my parents, my brother, my family a bunch!. I would never exchange them for the world.

I have this itching foot for hogwarts!!! lol., LondonItalyBangkok as well!

an avid fan of


car racing  and

total action filled

and sci-fic MOVIES


A PROUD potterhead….SINCE 2007


and currently waiting for my deathwish.

And on my funeral, i want all the flowers to be fresh, with yellow and white combination of flowers. I want those who will attend the funeral to wear white.  As much as i love black, i don’t want  it for my funeral. I don’t like something pricey, just simple ceremony with all my loveones present. I also want the candles to be in white.

Or it can be yellow-themed funeral nga! In other words :D.

Do what you want to do with my things, i won’t mind. You can use them or you burn them.

And yeah, my name is BIA Danessa,

BIA with the ‘I’ not ‘E’. (bi-ya)


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