Not just an ordinary day…

February 19,2016

Hindi ko maiwasang mainis sa mga taong nagrereact at nagcocomment agad about sa issue na hindi muna inaalam ang buong kwento. They are just relying sa sinasabi ng iba, na alam nating may mga dagdag-bawas. Research-research din kasi pag may time.

And Seriously, hindi porket kaibigan mo or kapatid mo or kapamilya mo yung dehado ih kakampihan mo na. Itโ€™s should be balance. YOU should be balance. You should be fair enough to judge both sides and always be on the right side of the road. Act according to your faith and conscience. And please before you speak, ask God for His enlightenment so that He will speak for you, so to avoid hurtful wordsWe have to be very careful sa mga choice of words na ginagamit natin. Hindi porket nasaktan tayo ay may karapatan na tayong magsalita against other people. As much as possible, dapat dun tayo lagi sa other side of the story, dun sa positive side.
Iโ€™m not saying this dahil gusto kong pumapel or whatever. Iโ€™m saying all of this, because this is my opinion, this is what I believe.
Well, anyways,

Ang galing lang ni God, this is a very wonderful day for me, I met great people today, people from other religion to whom (gladly) I shared the same stand about the current issue. I thought It was just a typical lunch date, eating and small chat about everything.
It turned to be an appointment, Divine Appointment as what Ate Cindy said earlier, for which I strongly agree. I learned, I was enlightened and I was inspired to finally put into words what Iโ€™ve been thinking the first time I heard about this issue, so I made this as to show where I stand about the issue and as a Christian who are willing to defend my faith.
I actually cannot blame Vice-Ganda and Tito Boy for their reaction. Maybe thatโ€™s their way of responding to the calling. But I can say that itโ€™s quite exaggerated and thatโ€™s not really what I wanted to hear from them, specially after the man of the hour apologized already for the comparison he used.
And I admire Manny Pacquaio so much, for being so firm, lalo na nung sinabi nyang, matalo man sya or atalo, mawalan ng boto, hindi magbabago yung stand nya about the issue.
Ang totoo hindi ko talaga sya gustong iboto for 2016 electionhe was not on my list, because I donโ€™t think he fits the position, but after what happened, I guess he deserves my vote, he deserves the vote. He was so firm and brave to fight for his faith. A crusader indeed.

Hindi ko po ito isinulat just to makisawsaw or anything, or makasakit ng feelings ng iba, Gusto ko lang actually na mag-iwan lang ng thought about this, because we cannot just sit or stand here or watch from a distance and wait till this issue die down, without saying anything.
We, the Christians Community must worked together to defend our faith, we must not be divided by this issues that circling us, In times like this, we need each other.
Again, Iโ€™m also not condemning LGBT communities, like many others, naniniwala akong walang masama sa pagiging bakla, tomboy, bisexual. Marami akong kaibigan na belong dito na super love ko. Kung yun ka na talaga then so be it. We canโ€™t do anything about it. Pero may limitations yan, nagiging masama pag may mga (sorry for the term) mahahalay na na acts, Sexual acts between same sex, you know what I mean. And syempre, yung same-sex marriage.
I remembered earlier during the fellowship, one of them shared about her bestfriend being a gay, She tried everything na daw na hilahin sa faith nya yung gay friend nya, she aalso tried to dress up to attract him, but nothing happened kasi pareho talaga sila ng gusto, He would always say daw โ€œmas maganda pa rin ako sayoโ€. So up to now, dahil hindi nya talaga mahila, she always pray for him nalang.
Another thing That I observed was this, this was also was mentioned earlier from the fellowship, and I really agree.
Actually Hindi lang naman si Senator-aspirant Manny Pacquiao ang nagsalita about this issue, marami na, marami ng nauna na kapareho ng stand nya, ilan sa mga kilalang tao for High IQโ€™s na mas Malala pa yung comparison na ginamit.
Sad, but we came to this conclusion na, Intelligence/IQ na ba talaga ang isa sa basis ng level ng pagtingin at pagjudge or pagrespect sa isang tao?

God loves us, Each and everyone of us, Itโ€™s not us as a person He hates, Itโ€™s our sinful acts. That would always be the case.



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