Territorial Pissings

Source: Territorial Pissings

(If you’re a blogger, then read this and feel free to agree with me! 🙂 this is just so true and I’m soooooooooo loving this.)

Why do I choose scrolling through my WordPress feed rather than my Facebook and Instagram feed? (Let’s not count Twitter here)

I’ve been writing not so very long now. I’m the only one who thinks it’s long based on my archive but really, no. I was just more active from September until the present because for the past days, it was mostly free time.

When I came back to being MORE active in blogging, I was really more of the ‘reader’ type of blogger. It makes my heart happy reading entries from other bloggers/writers, especially when you reply and inspire others because of your thoughts.

Now let’s get to the point.

Why do I choose WordPress over any other social media site?

  1. Bloggers are writers. I always believed that every blogger is a writer. It is an unprofessional work for people who have a lot on their plate without a final thought organized when verbally expressed. You write, so you’re called a writer – for me. Because there are a lot of professional writers, editors and the whatnot which people think they’re the only ones who have the right to be called a writer because they have a big contribution to the publishing industry. I beg to disagree. If people want to write their hearts out, let them be writers. Let them be as qualified as the thoughts the coined writers have. Not everyone is born a writer but everyone has the skill to write.  Hence, by just writing down what you feel and what you think does the magic.
  2. Bloggers have a high self-esteem. Internet is their safe haven. They feel their worth just by posting. Anonymous or not, they still feel secured because it’s the literature of their imagination that comes running down the screen which affects not only the readers, but to the said bloggers as well. And if they have a certain reflection or realization, the words do the work. They don’t need to post a photo or a figure for them to feel validated. They’re really not after the followers, hits, stats and sponsors. Some bloggers become successful because of what they write and not because they have 4 fucking million followers (yeah, it could be an aspect that influenced it) but it’s still the content the readers are after. It’s the confidence in words that define them.
  3. Bloggers are absolutely genuine. They are in the internet world/community to post what they feel not to post what others want to make them feel. Unlike Facebook, (no worries guys, I also have social media accounts. I’m just saying these to state a fact. Haha) people keep on posting statuses with hashtags which are very unlikely. People keep on posting rants that are very subjective, quite entertaining but very annoying – for e.g., “Putang ina yang babae na yan! Ang kapal ng mukha!” OR“Such friends you have.” OR “October, please be good to me.” Bloggers do also post rants but not these kind of rants which does not have the objective of inspiring people. Mocking is extremely different from inspiring. My Instagram feed is pure of arrogance (sometimes also in Facebook), where people post photos for e.g., “*checked in at this so-called 5-star hotel* (but she just literally passed by).” OR “(I have to post this shoes/bag/clothing/sandals because I want the world to know that I can fucking afford this!).” OR “(Me and my boyfriend are really having a tough time right now but I will continue posting that we’re happy so that when my ex sees it, he’ll get jealous)”. Unreasonable and nonsense fucktards (but sometimes, I’m one of them. And you are too. At least we’re in the blogosphere though. Char).
  4. Bloggers are creative. From the layouts to the fonts and especially their entries, they have a wide range of imagination. Bloggers are multi-taskers because they make their own layouts (even though some just choose specific themes, or more of simple themes), they know what themes suit their thoughts and everything just unbelievably falls into place. All of their ideas are original unlike Facebook, you just keep on sharing or liking what you want.
  5. Bloggers have a wide environment for sharing. In Facebook or Instagram, sharing is limited because it is only through photos, videos, statuses and the like. These just affect you in terms of your social status. As bloggers, (you would not really feel the social status they’re coming from) they can share whatever they want using all certain mediums – with no double purpose because they only want to show the world what’s currently in their mind that would be inspiring and uplifting. They blab about their feelings with decency and appropriate stories that would make the reader feel like they’re having the same experience. Hugot mode kumbaga.
  6. Bloggers have unlimited thoughts. They write what they want but these thoughts are joined with pleasing dramatic ideas. Unlike other social media sites, it’s only pure drama (sometimes pleasing but not really, that’s what you think). You can say that people have unlimited thoughts in Facebook because they keep on making statuses but those statuses are just merely one-liner reactions and not really a review that has a touch of effort.
  7. Bloggers rhyme with boogers. I just thought of this. Too funny for me so that I could have at least a number 7 and 8 reasons why.
  8. Why not count Twitter? Because Twitter in some way, is same as blogging yet it’s only 140 characters. Same perception when it comes to being genuine and expressive. People can retweet a very creative idea and people express when they want to. But again, it’s only the same perception. When it comes to trending topics, it does not make any sense anymore. At least here in the blogosphere, tags and categories are admired, respected and valued.

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