late night haunts

“There will always be

that person who

causes your stomach to flip

when you imagine them

loving someone else.”

“Instead of worrying

why someone doesn’t love you

-focus on why you aren’t doing

whatever it takes

to make sure that you’re happpy”

“I’m a work in progress.

Im still under construction.

Whichever mistakes i make today

I pray I learn & grow from

but I’ll never give up.


you end up never speaking to someone

who meant the world to you.

And that brings you so much pain.

And that’s okay.

You’re coping up

and trying to survive”

“Life is too short

to worry about stupid things.

Have fun,

regret nothing

and never let anyone

bring you down”

“Sometimes you got to be your own hero

and save your own heart

because sometimes

the people you can’t live without

can live without you.


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