hmmm. Omg, I just told my brother yesterday morning that I will only register  as a voter if Duterte would decide to run. And I’m not really joking. hahaha. It’s supposed to be my first time to exercise this right.

I believe din kasi na, mas magandang hindi na bomoto kung alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi ako sigurado sa kung sino mang kandidato, para san pa?

I guess, this is really it!. I already feel the need to register before the deadline. and At last I feel excited.

it’s really happening! gosh!

I’m not surprised tho. I knew it from the very start when his campaign ads started to invade the media world. He has something that the other candidates don’t have. He has the name, he has the authority, He has the words, he has the action, and he has the loyal people of Davao. He is truly a leader and all the people of Davao can prove that and even the visitors and tourists of Davao. Im very very and pretty pretty sure.

“They can Imitate you, but they can’t duplicate you, coz’ you got something special that makes me wanna VOTE you! “ hahaha

it’s not like I hate other candidates, hmm, I adore Sen Poe tho. But I just don’t feel like addressing her as the president. I think it’s  too early for her to run for presidency.

His tandem with Sen. BongBong Marcos is perfect! haha, I don’t care if the case will be Like Father Like Son, pero sana hindi!!  para may Originality!,  I always adore the late President Ferdinand Marcos kahit na I don’t know the whole story behind his regime,and despite all the negative stuffs that were thrown against him, despite all the the negative description of his regime in most of the Phillipine Government History Books.  I like him, yes only him, not his family, not his wife Imelda, just him.,

and BongBong? well, my father like him a lot, but I don’t just feel him in the senate, not much.

And i want to give him a chance, I believe my paps tho! haha, I think may ibubuga naman sya. Sana lang wag na syang pakialaman ni Donya Imelda para wala tayong maging masyadong problema. 

The Ilocos region is very progressive kaya!! Kung saan naghahari ang mga Marcoses 🙂  At least may nakikita tayo kahit papano kesa sa iba na tinatago ang yaman sa kung saang mga foreign and international bank accounts.

Papanindigan ko na itey! saksi ang keyboard at laptop ko. Kahit anung mangyari , if they win or not, I’ll will always support them.

I believe you and as a first timer voter- hhmmm,  i guess “You’re worth it”

Really, I’m never been this happy after ng sunud-sunod na announcement ng mga tatakbo for 2016 election.

So People of the Philippines, haha, let’s give a hand and a chance for #DuterteMarcos2016


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