Happiest Birthday to the most hardworking and dedicated man I’ve known for  17 years of my existence..:)
Happy happy 51st birthday paps!!!

To you my father dear,
I may not know what you want to hear
And I dont want any material thing in my prayer
but I want the best and its water clear.
Its the good health and happiness,and the life longer  than you deserve.
I love you Pa, and that’s what you should always remember.

As you age and as i grow , I saw everything you do,everyday ..I mean, I  know you too well. I have witnessed your sacrifices not only for us but also for the love of your profession na usually laging dahilan ng misunderstandings between you and mama.’re  die hard and very loyal and you also tend to abuse yourself. I get mom’s point, you will always  sacrifice your rest day and our supposed to be quality/family time. You’ve always been a good father to us. Actually you ‘re the best.

Hahaha. I remember those times whenever I’ll ask for money/coins/piso and you  would always ask me what would I buy, then you would add. “ wala akong pera” but eventually you will make ‘dukot’ naman pala  from your pants for coins and gave in…coz’ you know I wont leave  without having a penny.

‘Yung pagka  Ilocano  mo comes out naturally when it comes to money masyadong tikom kapag di importante:) pahirapan humingi but eventually magbibigay din. 🙂 because you love me kasi, and I’m your princess.ONLY!. hahaha

And of course,  when it comes to Ilocano dishes, omg. Because of you I learn to eat veggies! salads specially!

You’re so OA din minsan..and so makulit, you keep on asking series of questions repeatedly…argghhh, specially when you’re tipsy or drunk.

The worried look i get from you whenever i get sick and the constant reminder of drinking  lots of water whenever you see me eating chitchirya. The warning look whenever you catch me sneaking chitchirya in my room,specially when you saw the wrappers in my bin.:)

Those times when I was still a kid when I did something wrong then you would get your belt to scare me, then i would just turn away then run as fast as I can to escape and to run for my grandma and to come back when you already cool yourself. Those times when i would ask for pasalubong, then whenever you bought the wrong one, i would mag iinarte then keeps bugging you that I dont like what you bought but eventually i’ll take it in the end since I don’t have a choice.

I’m definitely missing those days.

Hmmm, i know how you struggle as a kid, without having a mother and father at your side. It must be so hard. I admire for being so brave and a fighter. You never gave on your dreams despite of everything, despite the cruelty of the real world. I’m so blessed to have you as my father. You’re too good!  I also want someone like you to be the man of my life. SOMEDAY! hahaha,of course. So, please live longer, just like any daughter would wish on their very special day, I want you also to march and walk with me along the aisle of the church when i get married. But before that,I want you to march with me first when I graduate from college,both of you ni mama.hahaha.

I can’t take it anymore,hahaha,I love you paps! bastaa happy birthday pa! and more more more birthdays to come!!

I’m always here, your BIA-tiful and  prodigal daughter 🙂


Supposed to be posted on Sept. 07, 2015 but I mistakenly saved it as draft.


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