It Was Only Just a Dream…

I think I know the reason why I dreamed of you last night. It’s new to me actually, since it’s been a long time since I have this kind of dream, with people and with you specially and that i was that really happy and content, it was very fulfilling, laughing like really hard and that you were laughing with me,of course, the genuine happiness I felt was so real, like i don’t want that vivid image to vanished. You know my dreams were always been blank, or sometimes it’s like I’ve been running and that someone or something is after me.

I was never tired,or exhausted, tho, I may admit,that I’ve been thinking of you most of the time recently. But it’s usual, so I think, this dream is very unusual too. I think it has really something to do yesterday and that it conveys a message i can’t decipher.

I should have been there.I should have talk to you.

Actually, I knew you will be there, but I still decided that i’ll go no matter what ,I know I’m not ready, I don’t know how to say, but I thought we will come to this eventually,why not do it now and you deserve an explanation for what I did, but circumstances didn’t cooperate.

It was very real in my dreams,It felt so real, we’re okay, we’re happy, we were laughing with our friends but It feels like just the two of us. But of course, it was only a dreamed,sadly it has to end, I woke up, then I feel the sadness, I miss you really, I want to hug you. I miss having you around. I miss your every morning’s text, every good night, every call,even the  cheesy lines, I miss hanging out with you,I miss having you around, i miss our fights, i miss your smile, I miss everything about you.

it was just definitely a dream, but i love it and i’m looking forward to that day when i can say, “it feels like deja vu”.


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