It was an issue for me, especially when I was on my Fourth year in High School, I feel pressured  in choosing my course. hindi naman talaga ito yung kinuha ko,kahit ito talaga sana yung gusto ko. I can feel kasi na ayaw ni papa na ito yung kunin ko, tho, hindi nya naman direct na sinabi na ayaw nya, sabihin nalang natin na everytime na mini-mention ko sa kanya ito as one of my choice ,dina-divert nya palagi sa ibang course like accountancy, engineering and the last resort, Education, for which hindi naman sa ayaw ko,

Don’t get me wrong, I have always admired my mama and papa being both a public school teacher, I do look up to them, but Teaching really isn’t just my thing I guess, 😀 so choosing EDUCATION was not really on my list of choices.
pero actually, I understand them,and I got their point naman. 🙂

And aaminin ko, I was lost. Pabago-bago ako ng isip, and last minute decision talaga, wala akong  naging fix at concrete na decision when I started my college. Even though I did well in terms of my studies and relationship with family and friends, there was a problem, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life in the near future.Though,  I have so many dreams but I’m so scared, and I don’t really know where to start. Let’s  just say that everything was blurred and I was unsure of everything.

So without further ado 😀

BS vs. BA?

Yeah what you’re thinking is right, it’s about degree coursesIn pyschology! since I want to be a Psychologist,or even more complicated, a psychiatrist. I dream to be one ,




Dream, because it seems that it would stay that way for the time being.If only I did pursue this in the very first place.

Actually It doesn’t really matter whether BA or BS, or which way is better or easier, which has a higher salary, because for me it’s not a matter of money or having a college degree.It is not just definitely a course or just a stepping stone to get another degree like medicine or law. (tho, i WISH to be a lawyer :D)It would really be a  matter of fulfilment and happiness for me. And of course, It would be a dream come true.

Goshh i’m so jelly with my friends who pursue psychology. I have three of my friends.I’m just very fascinated and amazed with Psychology. It seems challenging and  very exciting.

I want to be a PERSON!I want to study about human behavior—body languages and facial expressions.I want to understand the psychological well-being.I want to develop my logical and reasoning skills.I want to understand MY behavior/attitude, to find out the reason behind my social awkawardness, overthinking, being a pessimist and I think my developing OCD and anxiety disorder.I want to understand everyone around me so that I can deal with them properlyand to give address to people with ESP since It’ my greatest wish to be psychic 😛 whoopss

I guess having the comomon sense plus the sixth sense is really cool.I won’t mind if it is telepathy, clairaudience or clairvoyance,precognition,retrocognition,Psychometry. I want to possess them all EXCEPT for Mediumship.Choss :PI believe that ESP do exist!I’m very much interested with how attitudes of every individuals differ. I want to be open-minded enough for all the people around me.And I’m into ESP-related topics, human behavioral stories/fictions, extraterrestial,mentalism and telekinesis. They are very interesting.

And I do enjoyed watching people everyday,from getting and riding a cab and being stuck in the middle of traffic,from just sitting and observing people whenever I eat on fast foods,from just falling in line and waiting for my turn to pay sa grocery/department store.I’m so busy! Busy observing everyone how they deal with other people.I’ve been trying to read people 🙂 and whenever I failed, because most of them are really hard to read, my frustrations are really getting into my nerves, and I really overthink and being OA na minsan.

And If ever I would be given the chance, what would I CHOOSE?Ansabeeeeeeeeeeeeee:

Consider a BA in Psychology if you:

  • Are planning on going straight into the workforce after completing your undergraduate degree
  • You plan on going to graduate school in a non-psychology field such as business, law, counseling, social work, or management

Consider a BS in Psychology if you:

Actually I want both, (hahaha, slow down gurl!)

I think both of them is very interesting naman, (per0 srly, i don’t know if I can handle mentally-challenged patients)
but if i’m going to bring my dreams to the next level of becoming a lawyer, maybe
maybe, it’s better for me to take the first one, the liberal arts, And because I’m quite more interested in Social science, and since I also dream of becoming a lawyer, which is also very suntok sa buwan,Pre-law kumbaga,

It’s the other thing kasi, truth to be told,pero hindi naman siguro matatawag na gagawin ko lang itong stepping stone , kasi gustung-gusto ko naman talaga toh’ simula’t simula palang, one of the other and side reasons lang naman why I do want to take up Psychology.

Ayun lang naman, gusto ko lang talaga ilabas at ibahagi ang aking mga pinakatago-tagong mga sentimyento na hindi ko din lubos maisip kung inyo nga bang maiintindihan at kung bakit ko pa naisip na i-tayp at ilathala pa dito. Ang katotohannan naman kasi mas maigi na walang magtatangkang magbasa, nais ko lang talagang may maisulat.whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 😀


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  1. glad to know that i am not the only teen having these thoughts… i haven’t even started my college life yet (sa August pa) but i’m already planning to shift to another course next acad year. haha anyway, what did you end up taking?

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