Such a quite eventful day…

t’was a HUGE Hungry-like  crowd,
And t’was getting late, but we  can still shout for crying out loud,
The night that should be at peace, became a  thunder of roaring sound.
We don’t mind coz it’s a different happiness that we do found.
‘Tis the kind of moment not to just let pass And  it’s too early for home bound.
Never in my wildest dream I would be like this when many people are around
It’s a party,people! make your ass understand.

Well yeah, It’s Friday, and yeah I’m one of those people who really into ‘TGIF’, always!But definitely today is different,actually,earlier, I’m still contemplating to go or not to go at all. I don’t know.

But I guess after tonight,going was really the best idea.I don’t have any expectations actually, I don’t have any vivid images playing on my mind and did’nt have any negative thoughts but I admit that there was really a hesitance. And I dunno why.hmmmm, eventful! since it’s the acquaintance party.New program, new acquaintances,new friends, new experiences, new memories, new selfie buddies, new profs.

I’m still scared!But It’s the only way for me to go beyond my limitations and to go beyond my dreams.

owel, back to the happenings of today,Well, I just observed that almost everyone is having fun and that everyone is participating and they were really very supportive and very responsible, It’s in general of course, but our batch is the most! BIAs! :)They were actually very accomodating and that they never let us feel that we are left out. It’s feels like we’ve known for long, tho it’s been a month ‘palang’.

two words would somehow sum up what can I say about today

“ANG SAYAAAAAAAAAAA!” for real!It feels like I am a FRESHMAN again, (Feeling lang nman!) 😀


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