THEO JAMES, he’s just so damn freakin’ HOT and SEXY, he doesn’t have to be 9cee9505e501d403788b3237101d3cfbSHIRTLESS for me to say that.

Actually, this was the very first time I’m into this kind of fangirling.
Like seriously, because I never fangirl like this before because I think it’s really crazy, like super crazy and very funny,watching my friends head over heels and so into their idols with total obssession.Before I’m just shaking my head to them and smiling like an idiot and laughing behind their backs but hey, look at me now, I think I am slowly eating every single word i said.
I can’t get him off my mind. And I can’t help but to write something about him just to express my deep admiration to him. I think i understand now. I’m slowly becoming selfish with him. And I don’t want to hear, I mean in front of me, that someone from my circle of friends also wants him.
This is very different and very unusual for me. Usually I’m not up for six pack abs,or stoned muscles at all, to be honest and no offense i think it’s GROSS! like super duper mega hyper GROSS! ehhww Don’t get me wrong but I love the movies of Dwayne Johnson,Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel and Jean Claude,Chris Evans,Brad Pitt. But when it comes to him, it feels so natural, and effortless, he’s the only male actor that really has a certain effect on me just by watching him,I think I will really never get used of watching him and just looking at his picture for the entire day.And I’m so jealous of Shailene and also of course his current girlfriend/rumored-fiancee.3aace0e0889dca1d9ea569142e078b19

I hardly remember actually that movie when I first got to watch his acting skills, he was just a supporting character then, but I did really notice him, and I really did a search right away on the internet for his name. But i settled only for the name since he was not that famous and popular then and he is not also using any social media accounts. In other words I was able to forget him, but guess what surprise me, when I saw the trailer of DIVERGENT, of course I forgotten his name, But i really did say “familiar sya” (he look familiar). That’s when i got to stalk his life again. That’s when I started to admire him even more. DIVERGENT I think was his biggest break in his career. So imagine, how exciting I am knowing that these series will continue it’s journey 🙂 INSURGENT and then will be followed by ALLEGIANT next year. I can’t wait to see it.


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