Lessons of Yesterday (literally) :D 07/11/2015

Having friends is like having coins in your purse. It’s better to have a few five-peso coins which are lighter to bring but with higher value than to have a lot of one-peso coins which are heavier and ย  with less value.ย ๐Ÿ‘ญ๐Ÿ‘ญ๐Ÿ‘ญ๐Ÿ‘ญ

Hmmm, I’m just so happy that I was able to talk to them even it’s just for a couple of hours since Danz and my schedule was so tight, yeah because we have class from 7;30 am til 12 noon, and after that 6:00 to 8:00 pm. So we had to make the best out of it. And I guess we really did, but of course It feels like it’s not enough and I can’t wait for the next time next month or next week and also for our bucket to be filled. The time flies so fast. It feels like years when it’s only a month without seeing them and yes, i miss them so much. Gosh, i realized that ย I was very talkative yesterday, hahaha, It also feels like beeen years since I throw a fit of laughter like that. And clap-clap for me since I was able to make you laugh with me. (choss) There were a lot of stories that were told. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just miss Roxy’s green vocab, and her obssession with Stephen King, Denni’s ranting about how perfect Hyuna is , and for my buddy, Danz’ well, since we are always together, almost everyday, no need for rants ๐Ÿ™‚ We were able to pour out our frustrations and were able to laugh at them afterwards, but of course, the best advices were given first from the experts themselves. (choss again) Truly, the best moments does’nt need to be planned . I’m really looking forward to the future with you gals and remember our plans! And also to a lot of eating challenge/dare and EATscapade.

It feels so good to be back to my own self again, smiling and laughing naturally like there is no tomorrow,without caring what other people would say, starting breaking the barriers that I made myself also, starting to opening up again. Little by little I believe that I can do fix everything that I destroyed. I believe that things will get back to normal and that leave a wider and bigger room for improvements for myself,living with my own expectations and faith in God’s plan without any single doubt and hesitations.

Realizations of Yesterday:

We are in charge of our own happiness! we should not depend our hapiness in other people,and we don’t need to find that hapiness , because it’s always inside us, It’s always been there, you’re just busy looking for something that is not for you. And maybe you’re just still living in the shadow of your yesterday. Wake up! ๐Ÿ™‚ the hapiness is in you! Do what makes you happy and you will be really happy. Loosen up and be the real you. Be happy and live the life you want.

You will and you can make a lot of friends, like super duper a lot, in different circles, in different phase of your life. Some are just gonna be your friend, your true friends,your sister-like friends, your besties that will gonna make the best out of you, and some who will latch unto you and wetherย your soul. Don’t you ever try to please them, if they want to be with you , and you want to be with them, stay. You don’t have to do what you don’t want just to please them. It’s you, and whatever happens, if they are really your friends they will make time for you and they will accept you. As for your part,Learn to treasure them and never ever take them for granted.Keep them closer. Value them more than you value your money. Keep friends for life. And don’t do temporary, there is no such thing in friendship. Listen to your heart and let the love of your friends surround you.

Your secrets are your secrets, your story is your story, don’t you ever feel the need to tell your secrets when someone tells a secret to you, don’t you ever feel the need to share your story when someone just pour their heart’s out to you. If you’re not comfortable with someone knowing about what’s yours, then don’t tell. Simple. Wait when you’re ready and for the right time and maybe for the right person as well.

Say and express what you really feel, be honest, I mean , try to be honest and try it with yourself so that it won’t be hard for you to be honest on other people as well. Just be honest in a very nice way of course, you don’t have to be rude and harsh. Mean every single word that comes from your mouth.Tell everyone what you truly feels, tell them how much you appreciate their existence and being a part of your life or you can tell them how they’ve hurted/offended you. You don’t have to distance yourself from them just to let them notice the change in you and for them to realized that they did something. Let your voice be heard! Voice out your feelings even if they’re not going to return that to you in the same you give them.

Get out from your shell, maybe just a bit of change for the BETTER won’t harm you,specially If you are no longer comfortable and happy of what you’re used to. Make a room for improvements . Don’t limit yourselves for what you can do, what you can have,what you can be. And Don’t be afraid of what other people may say behind your back, it’s your life, for all souls’ sake. Don’t live with other people expectations of you, live with your own and make your own. IF you’re now a girl that speaks up against what is wrong even though your whole life you’ve been quiet and let things pass by,do not be afraid to break the barriers that you created for yourself. Just be sure that you are changing and improving for the BETTER and that you are not hurting others in the process.Don’t fear change!Dont stop learning, because LIfe never stops teaching.

Think positively.Surround yourself with optimistic thoughts from optimistic people. Don’t let negativity flood your mind specially when life seems to be unraveling before your eyes. Feed you everyday life with complete and focus mindset. Don’t lose hope, maybe ย even just a little hope would do, but never ever lose hope. Don’t give up.Believe that Things will get better and that all problems have solutions and that they were given by God as a Challenge for you. Keep on trusting His ways and you will be fine and even better. Don’t be tempted to listen to that inner voice that keeps on distracting you to focus, those little voices that makes you start doubting yourself and may destroy your game/life plan towards your goal. Just be optimistic and you will surely and definitely make it to better days.

Dreaming big is not a problem at all, hahaha, if you know what I mean, It’s okay, dream without limitations, and with no brake. It’s okay if you tripped over once, or twice, but be sure that you learn something from them.youhave to forget what’s gone, and appreciates what’s remains and look forward what’s coming next. Don’t be ashamed.When you failed once it doesn’t mean your going to fail again and again, that you have bad luck in you, that you were cursed. Life is not good lucks and bad lucks. It’s part of the not-and-will-never-be-perfect-life. It’s the nature of lifeย and you are notย living the life if you don’t fall or trip. It’s okay, everyone does. LIVE NOT with other’s expectations but your own. It’s also in the nature that people will fall short of it and look down on you when you fall and will let you down even more with a lot of things to say, of course, just let them be,you can’t stop them, but don’t MIND them. You don’t owe them anything and you don’t have to explain yourself to them. They’re not worth your time, and definitely they don’t know your story.

What happens in movies will always be just in movies, don’t expect a fairy tale and perfect ending for you,(asa ka pa? :)) Movies are predictable and life is not. Life is very unpredictable.And don’t ever based your future from fortune tellers. I’m not telling you not to believe them, But still work hard to earn the life you want to have. There is no easy way or short cuts to success, and if ever there is, CHEATING i mightย say my friend is a No-no. You might find that there is no closure for everything, if there is really a forever.There are A lot of things in life that will never be resolved and sometimes things go out of control and you cannot do something about it but watch. But you have to learn to just let things go and keep moving forward. You’ve got a life ahead ,you’ve got a whole new adventure waiting out there for you and things are going to work out, one way or the other.Just take one step at a time i guess. Take life slowly but surely. Don’t wish for a life with a perfect happy ever after like a perfect fairy tale ending but work for the wholesome happiness and fulfilment and contentment you want to leave as a legacy when you’re gone as to inspire the lives of other people.



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