No matter what the weather was, Last Sunday’s itinerary was totally a super fun experience/adventure.

That morning, it was really a REALITY vs. EXPECTATION for me…well, i guess also from my super fabfam companions, because the rain seems to be falling like really hard.

On the way to that so—destination was no problem at all since the excitement is there, include the breezy and cold air. It was a one and half hour motor ride from the city proper.

I kept asking my so feeling road expert/motorist/rider/driver  brotha how near or far we are from that so-called paradise.



We also had some stop overs of course, VIEWDECKS! hmm, such an amazing view from above.



Aside from that, there was also that ELEPHANT CAVE where the AMAZING RACE from UKKRAINE and of course the FILIPINO edition used and visited during the race.

Such a wonderful feeling to be here.


and yes, as they predicted, we arrived after a thousand years of struggling on the curvy-mountanious road.

I was amazed for the fact that they are using renewable energy,  It was a definitely eco-friendly barangay. For every lamp/light post there was a solar panel or a wind mill  attached to them. It’s pretty cool.


We were greeted by the warmt welcome of the sea breeze, the fine and dirty white sand, and the super duper wavy shore.They were VERY inviting.hahaha.

The feeling is very fulfilling, it’s still and truly a paradise.

The long ride is over for a while and it’s really worth it.


I was contented walking in the shore with my sandals on my hand and a sterilized milk on the other hand since my gastric ulcer was so “papansin” and my companions were eating like there is  forever.




Owel, when you’re really enjoying you will not really notice the time, and that it flies too fast.

So back to the reality that we should head back before dark. I don’t want to leave the place. It’s so good to release my frustrations there.


And it’s so beautiful there.

And yeah I didn’t leave the place without leaving a mark  and giving a glance to the place and a promise that i will definitely going to visit it anytime soon.



Au revoir.!

And yeah,as soon as we hit the series of accident prone roads,, the problem on my side arise, since I’m tired already and sleepy,

And I can say that I’m not really fond of motorcycles when there are a lot of dangerous  curves.

So ,imagine, while my driver is enjoying the ride because of those thrilling curves I was in total misery. i think I’m CURVEPHOBIC! 🙂 hahaha, (imbento!) because I literally hate curves at that moment, well, not really HATE, it’s just that i’m afraid of falling or accidents since I’ve been in a motorcycle accidents twice already, oh, maybe I’m just really paranoid and OA.

Slippery and very deep steep blind and bound curves along the way including street dogs really makes me nervous and I found myself closing my eyes so tight,holding my breath, trying to divert my thoughts, and continuously chanting that “ALL IS WELL” over and over again.

Oh my gosh, and because of that we almost trip on the road because of my foolishness. I can’t helped it really, It’s really hard concentrating.

And At last,AFTER A HUNDRED/THOUSANDS OF YEARS I’m very grateful that we arrived safe and sound before dark, and ended the day with a heavy and super full dinner.

It was such a wonderful day, all in all, I guess.

Very thrilling and Tiring yet exciting Sunday.

hoping for the next adventures

and kudos to me since I survived. chooasssss.,

7/05/2015 @biadanessa


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