that shocky-fakey RICE!

What is this?  Is this for real? 😲Goodness Gracious!😓 Wth.😠This is too much to bear.This is totally insane and nerve-racking.

After melamine in milk and cardboard as siopao filling, now there’s resin in your rice! Great! This is just so great! What’s in the world today?

Synthetic rice? hmmm. ALLEGEDLY  manufactured in China (😣what’s new? ), And maybe we should just avoid buying anything from THEM especially in terms of all the things that we intake. It is said to be made from potatoes and sweet potatoes, laced with resin– a synthetic resin that is fatal to mankind. Reports  from NFA said fake rice is being sold  within the vicinity of Asia such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and of course, truly yours, Philippines. 😦

How come the Government allowed this kind of insanity happened?

Hmmm, smuggled??? It’s always the reason!, I mean ,THEIR reason.

when you cook this so-called rice, it was like the texture of a styrofoam. The rice is so white as a fleece .That fake/plastic rice is said to last up to three weeks without spoiling after being cooked.woaahhhh!!!so cheap! . So that’s why?

Are we going to make our life at stake by buying cheap, substandard, underrated, and smuggled goods from them? wake up! We Filipinos, know better than that.

For Heaven’s sake, It’ s the food that we intake everyday that we are talking about!

Really? Is it the modern NUCLEAR BOMB? Do they really want us dead? , so that  they can claim what’s ours?

This is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Wake up!
To the government of the Republic of the Philippines, can you please and will you please stop talking and do the work. Be ashamed of yourself! This is not yet an election period. There are important things to be tackled about instead of bashing the current administration and those potential foes for the election. We, Filipinos cannot be feed by your words. Return the favor to the Filipino people. It’s your responsibility to ensure the quality of the goods/foods.

They say that prevention is better that cure. So let’s always watch  the foods that we ate.We must be vigilant enough. Always see to it  that it is approved by the departments that handles those concern. I guess , this is a part of the Fast-changing world we are living today and we cannot really  do something to stop them. This is and will be the era of artificial and clone motivated innovations. These are all part of growing up, of development ,of total innovation among the humans and inclined to this is also the degradation of values and destructions of the human world itself.

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