Fight for Love? Fight for Pride?

I woke up this morning, with my twitter  and IG account on the line, What came to my attention are the rainbow thingy, from status,tweets to dp’s  of my IG and twitter friends. Actually, they were invading the social media. In celebration ‘daw’ because it’s LGBT Pride month for which I am well-aware, proclaimed by US President Obama,

(I thought it’s only exclusive in US, hmmmm)but why would I be surprised at all? The whole wide world is rejoicing (some are just ‘para makiuso at may ma-ipost lang’ and of course there are  some who are the opposite, those who are really concern and motivated enough para ‘makisaya’ or ‘komondena’ whom I salute for being just true and brave enough to speak their stand about the issue. 

which also inclined to this is the decision of the US supreme court of the legality of same-sex marriage (the real truth behind the celebration) of which for me   just raised hope among members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community that the same could also be legalized in other  countries like here in the Philippines, for which I   strongly opposed (no offense)(it’s just me, okay)

” If US made it possible, then Philippines can made it to reality too”,

that, that would be instilled in the minds of so many people,as to that, if you ask me I don’t want it here in the Philippines.

It’s not just about being a Catholic who believes in the sanctity of Marriage,between husband and wife, and striving to live according to the Bible,according to God, His Living Words, for me, It’s just doesn’t seem right. And also what’s next to this? the legality of DIVORCE?  It’s just  not something  to be endorsed.

We cannot always  live in the Shadow of  Uncle Sam with regards to issues like this. Maybe we should preserved what’s left good in our society. Don’t get me wrong.I am not  against LGBT, like no hard feelings at all, on the contrary, they’re also people! for God’s sake, and they mean no harm to me at all, so why hold grudge against them. I do have respect for them also.They deserved the love and acceptance.

I do have a few friends actually whom i love and love to be with because i do found genuine friendship with them, gosh! they are just so true and frank, they’re gonna say what they want to say, the truth specially, it’s always the truth and they’re very fun to be with. I do support Gender Equality, I believe that they should be treated well in the society, they should be respected and accepted but that would sum up my sides, which the same-sex marriage here in our country is not included.

I do believe in love, and LGBT’s deserved to have that also, and I cannot blame them for wanting a safe and legal relationship, of course,who wouldn’t want that. It’s just that, PHILIPPINES with same-sex marriage is a NO-NO. It’s just seems so wrong to take the union to the altar,this is total Immorality! I know I’m not to judge, but God is. And I really don’t think God would be happy.

Another thing that bothers me about this issue is that it divides nations and nations, it start off  among the netizens, some of which I’ve read from comments earlier are can be considered as harassment na. I just hope that everyone learn to respect each other despite of different  beliefs and ideology. We wouldn’t want divisions among nations. no offense talaga ha, it’s just my perspective, my way of seeing things about this issue.

I’m not up for discussions, let’s just respect each other :),you should not just judge me by my opinion. we have our own, right or wrong. (hmm,.HAHA. opinion nga, there is no right or wrong opinion diba?)

As to end this, we; congratulations brothers and sisters, you deserve the love and respect 🙂 Love indeed works in mysterious ways. To God be the Glory. June 28, 2015 -11:50 PM @biadanessa


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