UNSAID.UNTOLD. the factionless rain is falling like really hard.

I may not say it,
And you may not know it.
I don’t say much,
and so do you.
We just stop talking.
I stopped talking to you.
I was the one to blame.
But I want you to know
that I didn’t stop
thinking about you,
every single day,
For every text I did try to sent,
For every Call I supposed to make.
Everything that reminds me of you,
every night before I sleep,
every morning when I open my eyes,
to my every prayer,
you’re in there.
and will always be.
I am keeping my words
but not for the time being.
I just  hope that when the time comes,
you’re still in there,
clinging to the pact we made.
you mean so much to me,
that won’t change no matter what.
I’m so sorry for everything.
You don’t deserve someone like me,
You don’t deserve to be treated like I did.
I’m sorry I was so weak.
I was a coward.
I did try to reach out,
But I’m so scared.
I don’t know why.
I want to see you.
I want to hear you voice.
I want to hold you tight.
I want to hug you.
I miss you so much
But I don’t have the courage to face you.

June 24, 2015 @biadanessa


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