so close yet so far… :D

Wednesday Evening Rain is falling.
I mean it,like literally,
but if you insist,191001764
then so be it.
I don’t care anyway.
There’s my bed, so accommodating.
Wanna sleep like a rock
and waking up in surrounding light,
wearing a complete white in front of Large gate,
talking to a stranger with a key on his hand,
asking me, why should he let me in.
then it shifts,like I’m being drown,
and yet I’m not drenched.
Of course you filthy little loser!
You’re just dreaming,
don’t be assuming.
Forever doesn’t always last a lifetime.
hahaha, whatever.
I’m into the sea,
waveboarding and swimming like there is no tomorrow,
happy and blossoming like a little lovely sunflower.
And the cold …
Oh, cold water,
the reality is just sinking in,
Im drenched , like totally,
dreaming! daydreaming,
and at last I’m sweating,
excessively and frightening,
but I just laugh
and go to sleep again.


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