Presidency Election on 2016 is fast approaching and inclined to this is the lined up of those names who are aspiring to be the Philippines Next top LEADER,  who will later be blamed for everything.

TV and radio campaign commercials  are starting to dominate the mass media,How many more millions are they going to spend? And for those who are in positions, Are you really sure that you’re only using what you have in your own pockets of your own sweat and hardwork?  just asking tho.

Be ashamed to put those Government-fund projects under your name and make a big fuss out of it.  Start making your own name by showing the people who you really are and what are your intentions. If you’re really as clean as sheet you don’t have to carry your own couch or your chair. :D, the people  would willingly do that for you. Do yourself a favor of not rushing things also. There are a lot of more important things to do, if you’re really concern with the welfare of your countrymen, you should know your priorities. Set aside the politics first, there will be a right time for that and rather focus on what you can do to help solve the nation’s “FOE-rever” set of problems.

I don’t want to put my first vote to waste and I rather not vote If I’m not really sure about them.


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