“DFA says no to boycott of China-made goods” (#OpinionLangNaman @biadanessa)

“DFA says no to boycott of China-made goods”

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is not supporting calls to boycott products made in China amid China’s incursion on Philippine claimed territories in the West Philippine Sea.
DFA Spokesperson Charles Jose stressed they would rather raise the level of awareness and understanding of Filipinos than advocate drastic measures.
β€œWe are not advocating that (boycott of China-made products),” said Jose in a press briefing. β€œOur position is that this is not the sum total of our overall relationship with China.”
β€œWe still have a lot of areas of cooperation with them that includes trade and investment, tourism, education and culture and people to people contacts,” he added. β€œWe would like to continue with this cooperation, we would like to strengthen and promote these other areas of cooperation that is why we deal separately with the South China Sea issue.”

Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/dfa-says-no-to-boycott-of-china-made-goods/#oCx3M2L3ruwj7CAW.99


owel.Definitely DFA would say that. And personally, I would also say NO to this. I believe that it would only make the issue worst than ever before. oh come on!We know better than that. China would only laugh at us. Is this our way of fighting for our right? Is this our way of avenging? Because we can’t even have a fair fight with them because they are more powerful?Don’t be ridiculous. hmm. Starting a war with them kasi is like David and Goliath. Definitely we are David, but I really don’t think that we’ll win like him. It’s the sad reality, we will never have a fair fight with them, and that’s the truth which really hurts.. We cannot just depend upon Uncle Sam- our known ally to help us when serious conflict about this issue arise..As nation with our own government, we have to be independent enough to fight for our territorial rights. We cannot just allow them to continue doing this to us. But how can we really fight for our rights?

And as for this Boycott thingy, I’m not really sure about it,I don’t think this would trigger them to stop to what they are doing to us. Hey, we are not really a loss to them, I’m sure.And we cannot just crush their economy through boycotting.They’re the “Sleeping Giant” kaya. We all know all along that almost everything of what we have here in the Philippines,from our basic commodities-clothing, to our gadgets,machinery/machines,oils, engines,pumps,vehicles,electronic,technical and medical equipments,ceramic products,iron and steel products, fertilizers for farming,paper and plastics-kitchen wares and a lot of toys for our children that we are using everyday are from China.
We can live without them, of course! But we can’t deny the fact that we keep on patronizing their products though we do know from the start the quality they have to offer because they have what we can only afford. “Made in China” do we really have a choice? If we only have, we’re not going to take the risk of using and buying from them.Of course I know that you know what I’m talking about, we are not deaf nor blind. let me remind you also that, CHINA is one of our major Export and import partners. There will surely a loss in our supposed to be blooming economy whether we like it or not. And what about our Filipino-Chinese brothers and sisters who will suffer because of this, can we really take them for granted?

I’d say no to this campaign because, I believe that boycott is no need. We Filipinos, better know than this. We do know within ourselves what’s best for us. I cannot possibly think of any solution into this but definitely “boycott” is not really an ideal move.


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