The Lone Paper

I do not know what to do anymore.
It feels like everything i do is wrong.
Everything is just so messed up,
and so am i.
It feels like I’m being punished
I’m such a complete loser.
And I can’t help but pity myself.
Why do I have to suffer like this.
Why do i have to be in this miserable state?
I want to say I’m tired.
But I know I shouldn’t.
Right now,
I feel like a piece of paper
crumpled to the ground,
tearing into pieces
waiting to be thrown at the garbage bin to be burned.
And imagining myself drowning into that blazing fire that won’t stop
til I turn into gray ashes, flown by wind and disappear into nothingness.
and to be forgotten like there’s nothing happened.

MAy 25, 2015 @biadanessa


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