Dirty Details of a Rotten Horrendous Day

Today is  epic ! Not for you but for me. Gosh! It’s an eventful day. First off, it’s still a hell week for a bearcat like me. Midterm WEEk!

Start off with being alone in the house, waking up late and cooking my own breakfast. Tssskk, what did I do last night! Owel, btw, back to the morning incident. Guess what? I almost burn the house,wait up! Not almost,scratch that, NEARLY burning the house! That’s it!Goodness!

Im  on my way to school, specifically riding a tricycle, but then I remembered that  I left the stove on, since the vian from last night was being heated. Actually, it’s because I supposed to eat before I go to school, but because I was running late, I decided not to eat anymore, but GOODNESS I forgotten the thing on the stove. HOW ironic of  life is, why of all things to be forgotten, it has to be the stove.  Guess how my reaction once I remembered everything. How so careless and forgetful of me.Back to what happen earlier, after asking to stop the tricycle, I frantically jumped out of the vehicle with my body shaking and of course a loud thumping on my chest, almost crying chanting a short prayer in my head. Getting another tryck, for me at that time was my longest ride ever, so as soon as the vehicle stop, giving the driver that twenty peso bill without waiting for the change, running into the house,scrambling my bag for the keys, opening the door, BOOM, the casserole is now covered black with smoke, the house has the burnt smell. OMG, super thank God, im still blessed and lucky.  God is so Good. I’m still on time.

So after that, inhale, exhale, silent prayer, and promise not to make the same mistake ever again! I’m gonna die of nervousness.

And at 7:15 am, after making sure that everything is settled in the house, i left for my PE class-swimming not really paying attention of my tardiness since the house is more important. It was our supposed to be practicum earlier at the university pool but what i didn’t expect was the absence of the instructor, she’s not around! Jezzzz.. meaning, my effort to go to school as early as possible was thrown into waste. *inhale, exhale. I don’t know if its a good thing or not anymore. The fate is playing with me. (inside battle)(yes it is, because you don’t know how to swim!)(of course not! what about yur efforts?you almost burn the house because of this,what about the fare money, the clothes,everything was a complete waste, you’re supposed to review your lessons  for laters test.

Simple sign, hmmmm,.Everything is in blurry, you know when and where are you going to fail.

One step at a time

“a goal without a plan is just a wish.”

January 29, 2015


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