When school is not really Home…


they are not for yah!


or maybe God has  better plans for you.

Don’t lose hope and don’t drown yourself in self-pity. Keep your head up high and don’t mind what others  think of you. Listen to those who believe in you. Don’t shut down your friends just because your depressed. hey! what are Friends for? Don’t let your pride pried you. this is not the end of the world yet, and besides, think of it as a challenge for you not to make the same mistake again. Things will get better and i promise you, your family loves you. Keep them close and let them know what you’re going through, don’t be scared, they’ll  love to hear from you. Open up and tell them the truth. Cry if you want, it’s okay, I promise. Don’t stress yourself for the things that are’nt happening. Feed your mind with unlimited positivity. Dont be scared. man-up  and stand again, prepare for the next fight and be the real you. and lastly and most importantly, Keep God as your daily Guide and don’t you ever forget Him no matter what happen.


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