To our beloved Principal Sr. Esmeralda Mantalaba A.R., to all the AR sisters, to our Guest Of Honor, the faculty and staff, very supportive Parents, to our visitors, and to my fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! and

I really don’t know where should I start.
Everything seems so fast, High school years have passed in just a glimpse and to be honest I still can’t believe and it’s really hard to believe that I will be graduating today, but still, This is it, this is the real world, and I will really be graduating today.
Maybe, I should begin with thanking those who became part of my success, our success. I know within myself that I will not be here today, in this position, without the help and presence of the people around me. Those individuals who I met along the way of this journey, those who witness my ups and down, those who have been my companions, those who gave me guidance, support, motivation, courage, strength, those who inspired and influenced for what I am today.
First and foremost, the most important being, the almighty Father the source of everything that we have here on earth, He’s the reason why we are here today. He made all these things possible, He who knows everything. He never get tired of listening to all of my prayers, He who never rejects and judges me for who I am. Thank you for listening from all of my problems; You are really the Great Provider and the Real-joy giver.
Secondly, to my beloved parents, thank you so much for everything , ma , pa, , Thank you for being an understanding, loving, supportive, kind, thoughtful, parents to us with my brother. I want to say sorry and to ask for forgiveness for all the things that I did that displeases both of you. I also want to thank my brother, and my entire family, You‘re really are my inspiration, I’m not used of saying this, but I want you to know that you will always be in my heart, and that won’t change no matter what. I appreciate all the things you did for me and I will always treasure you, I really can say that I am so lucky and very grateful to have you by my side.
As for all the parents here today, our success will also be your success. I really salute all of you.
Next, as for this institution, to all the faculty and staff and especially the AR sisters and to all the teachers, who became our second parents, I want to thank you for everything, I am so grateful to have met people like you. You filled and completed my entire high school, you really have influenced me for what I am today, thank you for helping me discover myself, for the encouragements I received from you, for the long-lasting patience, for the knowledge, for the inspiration, for the invaluable efforts you did for us , I will always treasure you. You can count that I will bring everything that I’d learn from you wherever I go, You Teachers, will always be my hero.
As for this school, my Alma Mater, I can say that I Am really privileged to have attended this school, I’m gonna miss everything here, the daily routines and during special occasions and celebrations. I am so proud that I am a part and family of this institution. Being an ARSCian is really different, and it will never end here, because once an ARSian, forever an ARSian.
Then, to my best of friends and friends, who stood beside me all throughout, those remain true, not only in fair weathers but in the worst times as well, I could never have a day without you.
To my seatmates, classmates, batchmates /H-O-Y batch and schoolmates, I want to thank you for the companionship and friendship as well as for the memories, stories, experiences, moments of naughtiness, happiness, sadness, that we shared together. I hope and I wish that it will not end here, you made me experience everything. I will not be able to survive on that four years without you, you really make my high school years complete. I will always cherish and treasure those memories with you.
And lastly, to all our visitors here today, I want to thank you for coming here today, to witness the fruit of our four years of perseverance and of hard work and for celebrating with us here today.
To all of you, thank you very much, I will really be forever grateful to you.
Graduation, just like what others describe it, has always been both a happy and sad experience in one’s life. It stands for a glorious achievement one has done. Yet, it also means the end of our many joys and pains, the many trials and challenges, the many laughters and tears of our high school life.
My fellow graduates, today is our graduation, we stand at the end of a chapter in our lives and the beginning of another. The beginning of our real journey in life. Let’s take a moment to look back and to see and appreciate just how far we have all come. Today is our opportunity to acknowledge our accomplishments.
Today we need to acknowledge where we are, we may find that our high school years were well spent. We may find that we regret some f the things we did or did n’t do. We should acknowledged them, accept them, and then to prepare to move on to our future.
Definitely, some of us may stay closer to home, some may move slightly further away, and yet, others may find ourselves in a totally different places. Wherever we may find ourselves and whatever challenges we may have chosen to follow and explore, hold true to what shaped our yesterday, acknowledge and appreciate what we are today and dare to be all that we can be tomorrow
Dare to chase our chosen career, dare to excel, dare to go extra mile, dare to show compassion, dare to show your mark on the world, dare to show empathy and.
Dare to be the best we can and then do it.

Just like what Father Flor during His homily, last Saturday, It is not being on the top ten list, being a valedictorian or having any title or having a high IQ, yes, definitely its good, but ts not the basis of our success in the near future, My fellow graduates, remember what father said that it’s all about, our DETERMINATION, GUTS, HARDWORK, LOVE and A MATTER OF PRAYER. Another important point is, how well and consistent, our “pakikipag-kapwa tao.” And it’s really very important as we take our journey that lead to our dreams. “It’s a matter of our own attitude “as what Ma’am Zamora is always telling us. We, the graduates, must be enlightened by the values that we learned in order for us to be somebody in the future, somebody that will really make a change for the better.
As for this year’s Commencement exercise theme, “Di natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino”, very short but really mean everything. Truly, the heart of a true Filipino must reign,
“Ano nga ba ang ang puso ng isang Pilipino,?”
It said that to have a heart of a Filipino, It means having an enduring and resilient spirit, being able to stand up again to conquer all the odds, being optimistic despite of many negative happenings in our lives, keep on believing that there is light for every darkness, and to share that light with others, being generous and having a humble and God-fearing heart.
Through all those struggles and tragedies that we encountered, since then, until now, just like the Earthquake that strikes in Cebu and Bohol, the super typhoon Yolanda that killed and washed out the people of Tacloban, that destroyed everything in there and mark in our history, we the Filipinos, still standing and going strong, continue living and working again and again, sometimes were tempted to give up; but a real Filipino heart refuses to be broken by those calamities and tragedies. We always have that hope, faith and joy that we share with each other even in the most devastating times.

“We may be battered but definitely never defeated”.

That is definitely the “Pusong-Pinoy.”
May this theme “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino” be our always guide and will be an inspiration in achieving all our goals in life, to work and to strive hard not only for our own selves, but also for sake of others, for the sake of the country, for the sake of the world, for the common good in spite of the obstacles and hindrances that will come on our way. We must not let problems and struggles to interfere with our dream, they are not the reasons to give up.
My fellow graduates, with one mind and one heart, let’s altogether fulfil our dreams, let’s focus on the reality, cope and survive, and have a strong and determined heart .

Let us face and show to the whole world what we, the Filipinos have, ang “pusong-pinoy that will stand out not only here in our country but all over, all around, the world.
Let’s all be proud as a Filipino student, as a Filipino Graduate.
Thank you and may God Bless us all!


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