Class Prophecy (High School Gratitude Party/Graduation) #High School Memories

Sunday, March 23, 2014 1:24 PM

BIA: I was drinking my coffee at my office while reading a daily newspaper, then I turned to entertainment page, there was an article about a budding popstar-singer, Bea Moraña, wow! She’s really a new talent, then after scanning the Business page, two of the Billionaires in our country, Andrea Pastrana and Devon Navarro were included on the top ten list of the richest individuals.

And as I was reading the editorial page, I was really amazed by the use of words, then I found out it was Micah Aplino, the editor-in-chief.

Then I turned On the television, I watch the replay episode of the Asia’s next top model, where Mark Anthony Macahilig and Judy Ann Santillan were two of the finalist.

A flash report came, it was all about the peoples pulse’s about the privilege speech of the President of the country, Pres. Karen Mae Villan. Most of the people agreed with the President and there were also those who did not. And I recognized the Newscaster My batchmate, Joyce Sespeñe.

After that report, I decided that maybe it was the time that I should go to the bank to withdraw cash because I will be going home, to the place where I belong, PALAWAN, specifically in my hometown, Brooke’s Point.

On my way, there was a heavy traffic because of the accident, as curious as I am, I decided to take a look and on the crime scene, I recognizes Spo1 Ralf Francisco, Spo2 Elmar Taguan, Spo3 George Tubac and Chief-of-Police Erick Alarios.

At the BDO, while waiting for the manager Arjerene Dela Cruz, I noticed a catalog on the table about the services rendered by the BDO, on the cover was the famous model Czita Capucchino who was the endorser, after a while, while glancing around I saw a group of teachers who were Jasyl Joy Alba, Mary Ruth Tupas, Nor-laila Samma, Celestine Jean Dalisay and their Principal Karen Joy Romano.

As I was leaving the premises, at the entrance I bumped into someone, It was Joan Mae Garcia, After a short conversation I found out that she’s now a Lawyer in a self-founded firm, she also mentioned that she had a dinner last night with Pedro Alegre, Jeco Lacubtan, Jeffrey Abiog, Aris Asis, Angelica Batalla, Laila Moreno, Gemma Ibasco, Nicole Dangan and Rissa Balayo who were now Engineers.

On the restaurant where the simple-get together took place, they met also some of the batch who were Ronel Jay Navarro, Regino Baldonado, Kathleen Ducay, Aj Mercado, Shara May Palo, and Janine Reyes who was the Chefs that 5-star Restaurant that owned by Kate Nathalie Saraza and Rashier Bernas, Definitely a partnership.

On my way home, glancing around, I noticed a construction site where I saw Darrel Abon, Abdul Maining, Juhayr Taha, John Paul Arroz, Renz Manuel Fedilus, and Charlie Lape, who are the Civil- Engineers who are working on the said project. Then I remembered I will be meeting the Architects- Sharmaine Inso, Laika Magbojos and Karen Joy Balmonte and the Interior Designers- Moneza Montalan and Princess Flores who will be planning and designing on my dream house.

After that I went to Zienna Grace Zamora’s studio to buy some of her paintings for my house.

That night, I got a call from an unknown number, then I found out it was Mary Ann Mahlian who was now a CEO of a certain company, asking if I will be attending the Alumni Homecoming, during the conversation, she talked about ups and down of her company and praise and proud of her ever-loyal employee- Accountants Phoebe Kate Feria, Jezzelle Heredero, Aiza Abdulmuti, Rona Bersabal, Gilbert Baaco, Danise Onda, Cyril Amoto and Arlene Damaso.

On the next day, Sunday, just like any other, it is already my routine to attend mass every Sunday and to visit the orphanage near the church which is run by the AR Sisters where Sister Treszia Agpaoa and Sister Rhea Sariego are some of the sisters there, together with Rev. Fr. Kent Neil Badenas and Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernandez. She shared many stories and experiences to me and about the people she met.

RHEA: I told her that I’ve already met a lot of our batchmates in High School, fortunately some of them are the orphanages sponsors and donors. One of them is Dr. Claudy Fia Sagayap a Pediatrician together with Roselle May Laab and Lorragne Onda who are the Dentists they volunteered and currently the orphanage’s doctor who are conducting the monthly check-up for the Orphan, together with them are Joreyl Montaño, Ana Cataluña and Ritchie Sandaran, the volunteered Nurses.

And I remembered that as for its foundation, the Architect who made the design of the Orphanage were Ivan Tac-on, Jimart Naingue, Christian Tomas, John Christian Lim, Danilo Martisano, and John Rey Laguisma and for the funds it was from the donations of some rich Businessman, Rhea Magbojos, Aniano Dela Chica, Glaiza Pasigua, Jhona Vasquez, and Dianza Merlos.

I also mentioned some of my experiences in my Visiting Trips, one of them was my trip to Bohol where I met my High School BestFriend Rica Dagot, she was our hired Tuorist Guide while roaming the Province. She heard that Marvin Reglos, Mc Airel Capinpin, Teng Cuanan, and Dominic Rollo are now Astronauts and working on a space exploration.

She also mentioned Joseph Aralar who are now a Famous Scientist inspired by our PHYSICS Teacher Mr. Rommel Erwin Ganancial.

Going home my Missionary Work in Brazil, on my stop over at the Airport, I met Ms. World Remie Joy Alilano I’ve got a chance to chat with her, She’s more beautiful than she was, definitely a Pinoy-Pride. I heard from her that the designer of the gown that she wore during the Grand Coronation Night was the famous Designer Bobby Glenn Arzaga.

On the plane I recognize some of the flight attendant who were, Chelka Alba and Maria Veronica Sinajon. On the Lobby Area, I bump into Mary Dawn Garduce who came from Japan. She told me that she is now an English Teacher in Japan inspired by our English Teacher Ms. Heridita Zamora.

Another Missionary Work was in Basilan, together with some Military Personels – 1st Lt. Kaycel Tabi, 2nd Lt. Rusty Saguin, Capt. Giovannie Carl Parabas, Major Danny Abando, and Maj. Gen. Mike John Logronio. And I remember telling her that I had experienced boarding on a cruise Ship when a friend of mine invited me, on that Cruise Ship I met some of our Batchmates Repigy Caabay, Farhin Madsam, Rusken Kyle Sucidor, Renz Lloyd Trinidad and Dan Christian Valeriano who are working on that Ship.

BIA: Before the end of our conversation, I informed Sr. Rhea that I will be attending the incoming Alumni Homecoming.

On the Alumni Homecoming, the HOY BATCH of SHJHS Class of 2014 was reunited. Most of us became successful in life, some were Professionals.

I found out that Raeid Sali was now a successful in his Chosen Field “Information Technology”.

James Mark Badang a Veterenarian.

Rezia Pearl Sobrepeña –Medtech Graduate.

Mica Aira Lim –a Pharmacist who owned a Pharmacy.

Jezreel Patron- Biologist.

Sarah Tirana who owned a Five-star Hotel and Jermalyn Rufo who owned a Restaurant.

Police Officers- Elizabeth Atud, Kathleen Caidoy, Moriah Aguilar, Leslie Beup

and Engineers of Different Field-

Ariel Pajarillio (Electrical),

Eber Christian Taño (Electrical),

Charmaine Java (Civil),

William Badango (Mechanical),

Dan Joshua Bayani (Mechanical),

Calvin Karl Datanagan (Petroleum),

John Dale Eleazar (Mechanical),

Genesis Padul (Agriculture), Chelsea Aspiras, Haide Taban, Haji- ar Dani, Harry Sayang, and Kim Bryner Urdilas.

“You are not going to think of your future Career, but you are going to think of your better life in the future.”

-Ma’am Heridita Zamora



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