2014-08-20 09.33.43Living in such a very wonderful world is such a great blessing.

It is very beautiful and Β People are good. (shhsss. im not finished yet)Bad things happen to good people, but it doesn’t mean they deserve it. (agree?)

Good People do bad things,BUT it doesn’t make them bad. We are all struggling, we all have our own life, we all have our crosses. We all have different battles to fight for that sometimes consume us when things get hard. Β  And that, doesn’t mean we are BAD and it doesn’t mean it’ll always gonna be that way.Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Be brave enough to accept your failures and man up to move on from that dark alley where you’ve been and not to do the same mistake again.Believe that things will get better.

Surely dear, God has a different plan for you. You know, We see in the world what we see in ourselves so, see the good in you, see the good in other people surrounding you. See the hope.See the potential. See the way out. Fill yourself with positivity that You’re gonna be okay! everything gonna work out so hang in there and try to enjoy yourself along the way.

LIFE was meant to be beautiful and amazing and you were meant to share your joy and blessings to the people around you and have fun while figuring it out together. Do not stress out yourself to the things that aren’t yet happening.Enjoy and treasure every moment with your life. Do good and be good. Get out of your head and get out of your comfort zone. God bless you.


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