Indeed College is very different.

It’s the 2nd phase of my first year and yet still on the verge of adjustment.There should be no “petiks petiks” na dito, like when you’re still in high school.

You should learn to be independent and dependent at the same time.

What??? hahahaha,

No! i can’t really explain it, but that’s my way of saying how College is far different from High school days.

It’s not about how high your IQ is, it’s not about the competition with your classmates, rather a competition with yourself.

It’s about your perseverance and determination to fulfill your dreams and finish your college with a degree.

Stay away from distractions, and when i say Destructions, I mean everything. You should set your priorities and manage your time wisely.(well, that’s an advise from a senior I know.)

2014-09-03 11.43.45


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