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SONA 2014

The fifth State of the Nation Address of Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was delivered last July 28, 2014 at Batasan Pambansa, in Quezon City that lasted for one and half hour. SONA is said to be an annual activity wherein the president or the head of the state will inform or report to the Nation about his accomplishments or achievements for the year and also plans for his terms.

During the SONA, he defended the DAP, and cite some of its allocations such as for the TESDA scholars. He mentioned transformations/improvements on Poverty rate/poverty incidence, economy, budget & management, tax collections which includes the Sin tax law, credit rating, investment rate, aviation industry- tourism, budget for infrastructures-road projects or expressways, public partnership, labor employment, defense and armed forces sector, peace and order, business, heath care, agrarian, justice, and customs. He also include  as his accomplishments were the:  Zamboanga Crisis for its  City siege and recovery, for Bohol and Cebu rehabilitation Program, as well as also for the super typhoon Yolanda though he admitted that it’s not yet finished and  the LGU Rehabilitation and recovery plan is still on going. Here, he proudly mentioned the UN views about the state of the country after the calamity, which is said to be so quickly and already in the stage of recovery. He also acknowledge those agencies as well as those private sectors and NGO’s who respond immediately and really make efforts during those catastrophes that happened specially the recent typhoon Glenda in Albay. He gave emphasis to the country’s security for its modernization which includes the Command Center here in Palawan, new purchased firearms, aircrafts and war crafts, the new good image of the PNP and the 1:1 ratio, Police to pistol. And before he ends his speech, he leave a quotable quote “Filipinos are worth Fighting for” greatly inspired by his deceased parents, the part where he became emotional. He also encourage the nation, his so-called bosses to choose someone who will continue what he already started.

At first, I thought that it would be like the usual type past SONA’s he delivered with mixed of insinuations about the anomalies of the past administration which he always blame as the root of the problems of the country today, I thought it would be satirical and I really expect the powerful atmosphere of the president, but what I heard last Monday was really a different SONA, a different P-Noy, his speech was quiet short, simple, concise, and emotional one. It was kind of sympathetic and it seems that he is already giving his farewell message.

I admire him when he admitted that being a president was difficult and hard, and that he’s not the only key for the total transformation; when he was able to mention and gave acknowledgement to those who became part of his accomplishments and achievements; for being firm and brave from all the criticisms; and most of all when he didn’t forget God as his source of strength.

I am a bit disappointed and frustrated when he stated and mentioned so many figures, yet I cannot see his point because, as a student and for a common people like me, I cannot see, cannot feel, maybe not now, the improvements and transformation of our country, It made me think that maybe only those who are already wealthy can prove what he said, as a matter of fact, those belong to the poor community became poorer and poorer.  I cannot feel the “good and improved economy he is proud of, for me, it’s still not enough to sustain and improve the life of the people and it was clear enough because unemployment is still major a problem another thing is that the unstoppable price hike of the basic commodities and THAT was never mentioned on his SONA.

So, for these reasons, for the decreased poverty rate , I don’t know but, sad to say I’m not  yet content and pleased, maybe not now,  maybe it’s just that ,it’s still not enough..

As for the credit rating, well, it’s an achievement, I guess, being able to pay 40 billion, though not fully, definitely because, it seems impossible but at least it lessen our debt.

Another disappointment for me is the current issue of the controversial DAP where he is associated.

As for the health care, well, it’s a good thing that there are already new improvements but still I’m not content, because there are still many people who are dying out there without having a chance to visit  hospital and see a doctor.

For the country’s security, for its modernization, well in fairness, I believe it is really something to be proud of. Our armed forces will be inspired. And I do hope, I do hope that the targets modernization for the year will be achieved and fulfilled. But in here, He didn’t mentioned about the territorial dispute, its status and the current situations as well as the strategic plans and I really expected him to mention it.

Aside from that, I can sense from his tone, that he wants to imply that he’s passing already his responsibility to the next administration, and it seems that he is apologizing for the promises and expectations that he wasn’t able to reach and fulfill during the past years, in here, I want to shout, “hey, Remember you still have 2 years.” I expected him to propose more of his upcoming projects and a lot of plans for his last 2 remaining years.

I really expect more of his accomplishments but on the other hand, considering the different crises, tragedies and catastrophes that happened in our country this year, I understand that maybe one of the reason why.

But really I can see his efforts specially in fighting for the graft and corruption, and I really happy that the case on PDAF is ongoing. I thought this would also would be one of those unsolved case. I am really hopeful that the truth will come out and that the responsible individuals will pay for it.

Disregarding my frustrations and disappointments I can say that P-Noy has already proven himself and I can still  say that he is a Man of his Words for trying to bring us “Sa Tuwid na Daan”,  though he was not able to fulfill  all his promises ,well at least he started the transformation and I believe that he did his best and that two years remaining is still a long period of time  for many projects and a lot more of transformation and to show  to the Filipino people that we are not wrong for choosing  him, and that our votes was never wasted and also that he will prove that the Filipinos are really worth LIVING, DYING, & FIGHTING FOR.


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