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Living in a Democratic Country, one thing is for sure, the freedom is on every citizen, they are free to choose for their leaders through election-which is the foundation of every democratic state. Someone said “Democracy is a system by which people are free to choose the man they will later blame for everything”. The responsibility, obligation and right is on every individual who are qualified to vote. Each of them is expected to choose leaders who will serve the ,not mislead,misguide,misdirect people. The decision is on every legitimate citizen. It is not just a natural right but merely a privilege, a sacred privilege guaranteed by our heroes and heroines who fought for our freedom and it is a must for every citizen to exercise the right of suffrage every election.
My point is we hear a lot of talks about qualifications of every politicians, but what about the electorate? Citizens are supposed to vote wisely and intelligently, independent of any coercion, intimidation or enticement, but the big question is “HOW?”How are we going to pick? To make it simple, HOW CAN WE BE A RESPONSIBLE VOTER?

We must always bear in our minds that bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not go out to vote. If you’re not that observant enough and just vote for whom you like, you will probably vote for irresponsible politicians. You too will be considered as IRRESPONSIBLE for voting for them.

We must vote according to the dictate of our conscience, for who we think and believe are right for every position. We must not vote for candidates simply because of “Utang na Loob”, popularity, good looks or ‘pakikisama”. Our vote is more important than hearty handshakes, pat on the back, kissing of the babies, hugs for the elders or money-loaded envelopes and other material things given by those hypocrites aspiring leaders during election. We must not be carried away by those material things or the “pakitang tao” or “kaplastikan” of politicians. It doesn’t help raising the quality of the political culture in our country.

Don’t be impressed too much by their promises. As we can observe , politicians make all sorts of promises during election. PROMISES THAT USUALLY MEANT TO BE A PROMISE FOREVER, just promises. “If I will win. . .”, “If you will give me a chance. . .”, if you’re going to vote for me. . . I will . . .I promise that. . .”I can assure you that. . .” “You can count on me. . .” . They are only few of the rotten lines repeated over and over again of every politician out there. There are lots of promises here and there.

We must support candidates who plan to implement the best “plataforma de govierno”, and not the ones who can hire the best entertainers who can dance and sing. We must strive to understand issues, platforms, and programs of every candidate and parties, we must weigh them, Are the PLATFORMS POSSIBLE FOR IMPLEMENTATIONS, or they are just PLATFORMS FOR IMPRESSION.

We must consider candidates and parties who can represent the interest of as many sectors of our society as possible, just like for example the, the marginalized poor, the business sectors, the religions sectors, the working forces. He/she must know the needs and problems of the people, he/she must all eyes and all ears for every sector’s problems.

We must ensure that we are not blinded by money; we must not SELL our vote. We must seek to know the moral integrity, capabilities, and other personal qualities of the candidates we will vote for. Don’t vote for candidates living an immoral life as well as those candidates tainted with graft and corruption. We must never ever support and vote for candidates who are using the so-called 3’Gs- GOLD, GUNS & GOONS, that will result to the manipulation of the election results . Everyone should take their part as a citizen of our country to help ensure the cleanliness and peacefulness of every election. We must pray, and work for a clean, honest, peaceful, orderly, free and credible election.

We must always put the welfare of the country as top priority in choosing the candidate we will vote for. We must also respect the decision of others in choosing their candidates. We must be humble when our bet candidate win and be a gracious loser when they don’t. Be sportsmanlike enough as to sincerely congratulate the victors. We must not make anymore issues against the rivals or the winning side and it’s better for us to just accept the truth.

AND lastly, being a responsible voter and a citizen of our country, right after the election, we must all forget all about politics. Let’s roll up our sleeves and unitedly buckle down to work for our country. We must work together, hand in hand in every step for a better and progressive country.

Maybe some of you would like to ask me why did I chose this topic, So, to answer that, I just want all of you to be aware of what’s happening on our surroundings, to be aware of our responsibility in the near future, or should I say to be aware of our responsibility now that we are now already a part of the country’s voting population for Sangguniang Kabataan.

So, this coming October 28, the
,it will be our very first time to exercise our right to vote as a citizen of our country and to participate in country’s election, I am expecting you my classmates, that we are going to make a difference on how are we going to choose for our leaders,on how are we going to make our vote a meaningful one, on how to be a responsible voter.As what I was saying a little while ago, it is only in every election that we practice this right, so we must not waste it. As one nation of democratic and freedom loving people, let us unite to make every elections something that we can all be truly proud of.

Let’s fulfil what our country and Dr. Jose Rizal’s expect us to be as the “YOUTH OF TODAY, BEING THE HOPES OF TOMORROW / “PAG-ASA NG BAYAN”.



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