They’re against us.
And we cannotย blame them..
they have all the rights,
and we don’t have,
just yet.
I am scared
to be honest.
I cannot say that I understand them,
because i really don’t.
But they do have a point.
We really should not careless,
we should not take those such things for granted.
Those such things, surely are very important to them.
Though we do know within ourselves that we’re not doing anything wrong.
Though we do know our limitations.
Though we do know our do’s and don’ts.
though we do know our priorities
though we do know what we are doing.
it’s maybe because,
they do not want us to be happy?
I’m pretty sure.
We can’t blame them for the fact that, that’s their way of seeing things,
they know better that us!
i am aware of that.
“nagsisimula palang tayo, sila pabalik na sila”
(,few of the used lines i ย always hear from the adults in my family,)
But they just LOVE US SO MUCH,
that drives them to be that way.
so as for the time being,
it’s not about ย disappointing.
It’s about showing ย that we do appreciate them.
And let them understand what we’ve got.
And maybe, maybe, they’ll realized
and accept that we’ve grown,
not fully! because we’re still growing, learning.
We’re on the same process
like they had .
Our paths maybe different from them,
but they do know for sure,
what it feels like.
and just that…
we should act on it,
and not wait for thoseย unsaid words to ย unravel on their own.


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