#aLifeInaDay- Long live the Pope!

January 19, 2015 @11:00 pm.

Hmm, the departure of the pope is all over the news, social media, everywhere. To be honest, (I know I shouldnโ€™t but I really can’t help it)

I am a bit jealous of others, those who have been able to see Pope Francis, even just for a split second. I wish I had too. I know, I shouldnโ€™t but can you blame me, ?

But still I’m very grateful, and we, the Filipino nation was very blessed to be visited by the pope himself, itโ€™s a once in a blue moon , once in a life time.

But I promise thatย  I will definitely going to see you someday, maybe its still not my time,Pope Francis, you are really something,I wasnโ€™t given a chance to see you but at least you let those victims of Yolanda in Tacloban see the goodness,the mercy and compassion of the Lord through you,by visiting them and giving them hope.

Thank you pope Francis, you are indeed a blessing and the successor of Peter.I donโ€™t need to deny the fact that I was moved by you, touch in every moved you make,and stunned by your charisma because I am not the only one, I may not be able to see you personally but im beyond thankful that you were in our country.

Long live the Pope!

Bienvinedo papa Francisco, MABUHAY Lolo Kiko,


Your visit will indeed mark our history..


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